Vital Stats

  • NAME: Smoota
  • HEIGHT: 5' 11"
  • WEIGHT: 175 lbs
  • HAIR: brown
  • EYES: hazel, near-sighted
  • SCAR: Right Hip (two of them)
  • BIRTH DATE: October 11
  • EDUCATION: Harvard College (Film & Literature)
  • FAVE SEX SCENE: The Other Side Of The Wind
  • FAVE LITERARY SEX SCENE: "So I turned my head and lazily sniffed the smell of brine that Marie's head had left on the pillow."

“Music for the sensually inclined.” – Buzzbands LA 

"Hyper-sexed sensual alt-soul grooves." – Time Out NY  

"How the libido sounds." – The San Diego Reader 

“If you’re ever feeling down about anything at all, we would recommend listening to music by Smoota. The lyrics to his songs will make you think, love, and smile before its end." – Grungecake 

"Combines the slinky DIY funk grooves of Shuggie Otis with the offbeat, trippy, psychedelic stoner charm of James Pants, all topped off with a sly pervy streak that winks toward Serge Gainsbourg and the P-Funk mob.”  – Other Music


Dave 'Smoota' Smith is a singer, trombone player, and producer in Brooklyn, NY. 

He has toured the world with his solo act SMOOTA, a one-man sensual extravaganza that explores sex and desire through funk-filled songs and humorous philosophical monologues. His albums Pheromones and Fetishes and his many singles and music videos have created a unique and arousing universe awaiting the curious. His song "SexyTime" was featured in the #1 Netflix film Holidate.

His new band SMOOTA AND THE BEAST is a groove-heavy psychedelic instrumental group featuring some of the best musicians in NYC. Inspired by early Funkadelic, Sun Ra, Ennio Morricone, and electric Miles Davis, the music explores both ecstatic sounds and contemplative moods. "Girls On Planet Mars," from the band's upcoming debut album, is the soundtrack to WILL-O, a dance video directed by Cheryl Dunn with legendary dance organization Jacob Jonas The Company.

Smoota is also known for his recording and touring work with a wide array of musical projects: Run The Jewels, TV On The Radio, Aaron Neville’s Apache LP, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, Pretty Lights' A Color Map Of The Sun LP (Grammy nominee), Valerie June, The Gong Show Orchestra (on ABC TV), Animaniacs (on Hulu), Rev. Vince Anderson & The Love Choir, Phish feat. Sharon Jones, The Bogie Band feat. Joe Russo, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Fela! The Musical (on Broadway), Sufjan Stevens' acclaimed Age of Adz tour, and many more.